Punk Rock, Meatloaf and Chlorine Gas

I always like to start the day with music, it is cathartic and pretty much sets the tone and the pace for the day, much to my sous chef‘s dismay.  He and I have far different tastes, but we’re both well versed in compromise.  Today, after some elbowing and glaring, it was my iPhone that ended up stuck in the radio (sweet, cause it gets to charge too).  We spent most of the morning blasting out some Distillers, and it was a perfect set up for the day.

Like I said, I like my nights and weekends, and I currently run the kitchen for a large pharmaceutical company.  This poses a challenge because I have both Average Joes and Executives coming in for breakfast and lunch.  My averages are mostly union employees, they’re happy with the most basic stuff, nothing fancy, moderately healthy.  The executives are always looking for the new and flashy I have to offer, and I have to create menus that generally please both crowds.  Along with this, there are several catering events throughout the day that have to go out, board meetings, Continentals, black tie, on the fly and so on.  Today was a moderately slow day, and when making the menu last week, I planned on it and slated up meatloaf for the entree.

When cooking for such a diverse crowd of people, it seems like a cop out, and I really could have made it so.  But the sides I had were homemade mashed, gravy and corn.  I could make this shit in my sleep.  So I went all out and made it the way I like it, every little detail I pay attention to when I make it at home, went right there into it.  Slivers of fresh garlic, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes.  You get the idea.  It wasn’t mass produced crap that you see on many a steam table.  Though, it was on a steam table.  Shut up.

I ignored my catering manager as he went about making his trays of fruit and hors d’oeuvres,  I ignored my sous chef as he went about making his homemade pies.  It was that kind of day where we all just did our thing and stayed out of each other’s way.  And rocked the fuck out to some Coral Fang.

There’s a lot of chef’s out there that cook and call themselves chefs because we do lead a pretty badass lifestyle, I suppose.  There’s a lot of people who talk the talk and play the game.  But I don’t feel like a chef until I see people eating my food.  I can tell from the look on the first person’s face as they take the first bite if it’s going to be a hit or a miss.  It was a hit today, with all the stormy weather and petty bullshit that’s been going on, it was a comfort food that seemed to go over well with everyone ho came through the line today.  And THAT is why I stayed in this game for as long as I have.  Do you know what I mean?  Or am I senselessly babbling…

Anyway, closing up, there was a near miss with the chemicals and our catering manager sheepishly explained how we all avoided a cloud of chlorine gas by his hand.  Sometimes, I love my sous chef, who aptly tore him a new asshole.

As for Princess and the Poo.  She was not amused and I took it down after she did a top to bottom clean of the offending fridge.  😉

Favorite Link of the Day

Top Ten Eating Habits That Will Shock You – Eww.

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