Take this job and shove it. And other things I wish I could say.


I love my job.  I really do.  But I want to take my career further than it’s going right now.  And I’m going to warn you that this post is going to sound whiny and bullshitty.  But I’m going to devote this whole post to bitching about it because I’m fucking fed up.

12 years in this industry, military training, and a huge decrease in food cost and increase in profit.  Not a thank you, great job, nothing.  And that’s not why I do it, but it would be nice.  I reworked the whole catering invoicing system and have consistently provided black tie catering with sometimes only a few hours notice while this system has time to take hold.

All this and they fired our Director.

That sucks, but it happens in this industry.  It wasn’t for anything related with what we’ve been working on, there was a whole different issue going on that none of us knew about.  But after she left, there was suddenly a LOT of ass kissing going on with the corporate guys that have been coming through.  I’ll say it now, I don’t kiss ass.

Chefs have an eerie sixth sense.  We know exactly what’s on any shelf of the cooler at any given time.  If there’s drama going on, we know about it.  If someone is secretly dating someone else at work, we can call it.  We know that exact moment when a cashier or server starts bitching that she’s either going on her monthly or she’s 3.5 weeks pregnant.  We can recite everything we put on the last order and can bitch out the driver if it’s not there after just seeing the pallet.  We also know when there’s a healthy dose of bullshit going on.

I’ve been interested in the director position for a while now.  I love cooking and doing everything that I do, but I want to do this as a career and I want to make it to that next level.  So, when all the garbage happened after our last director left, imagine my surprise when I was passed over for a promotion yet again with this company.  Again.

Instead they gave it to the catering manager.  A young kid, right out of fucking pastry school, 5 months on the job as of now.  But he’s young and dumb and can be fucked with and goes out of his way to make everyone happy.  Instead of doing the fucking job.  I’ve never had the urge to walk out of a job as much as I have with this one.

This is the same company that said they wouldn’t promote me or give me a review because I was facing going on orders in a few months.  When I called the manager out and told him that was illegal, he responded in turn by bashing my work and taking credit for the food I was putting out.  I wanted to slap the shit out of him.  When I told our “union” about it, I find out that he and this fucker are buddies, so it all got swept under the rug.  I eventually did walk out, for a variety of reasons.  And I come back and here we go.

So I’m pretty angry.  The kid is really sweet, and I do wish him well, but I fucking hate this treatment.  It seems like in this company, you have to have a penis to get anywhere, and I’m not the only one who has noticed this.  There’s one woman employed in the corporate office, and she’s only there to take care of the finances.  She’s consistently screwing accounts out of money and fails to pay invoices left and right.  Every account in this state is directed by a man, and I have talked to several female executive chefs only to find that they’re experiencing the same preferential treatment, and it fucking sucks.

I have a feeling that my rage is going to get the better of me and I’m going to find something else and leave this company.  I just feel bad that they treat people like shit.  I love my customers, I really do, they’re awesome.  And they all have put together what’s going on, and I know they want to say something.  Gossip is all they’ve got to make the day go by quicker, but that’s not what I want them to do.  Enjoy my food, have an excellent lunch and go back to work, that’s all they need to do.  As for me, I want to not give a fuck and clock in and out of work every day.  But I will continue to go above and beyond, and do what I have to do to make my work shine, because I put my name on everything I send out of the kitchen.  But I’m not there anymore, I’m just not all that into it anymore.


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